22 MARCH 2018

  • Learn techniques that you can implement right away.
  • Learn how to leave nothing on the table.
  • Increase your sales production THIS month.
  • Referral clients are 4X more likely to close.
Margo Wickersham

The no-brainer sales blueprint to get new clients THIS month!

Margo brings results

    The statistics speak speak for themselves.  

    Her clients have reported:

  • 40% to 75% average sales increase.
  • 35% increase in referrals from customers.
  • 20% increase in referrals from professional network.

Austin, Texas

22 March 2018

Austin is one of the top tourist destinations in Texas.  This workshop takes place by The Domain, a hub for shopping, dining, hotels and entertainment.  

After the workshop, we will gather for a networking lunch at a location yet to be determined.

A word from last year's attendees?

 Learn more about what you can expect.

Success Stories

Dell had a problem with sales team adoption of new web-based processes. Inside sales reps worried that customers going to for service would result in the loss of their jobs. Dell needed a way to reassure the reps so they would adopt the new process.

Pervasive Software, (later acquired by Actian) was a 26 year old integration software company that was growing at a slower pace than the industry. The company needed to know what was hindering revenue growth and a plan for ramping growth more rapidly.

After 50 years of success selling used cars at several locations in Austin, Kyle Chapman Motors’ sales declined. Previously high performing reps were selling few or no cars. The company needed to diagnose the cause and fix the problem fast.

Make great connections AND LEARN...

  • Exactly how to create a pipeline of referrals
  • The secrets to networking easily and productively (yes, easily)
  • The ONE thing you must do when relationship building
  • Specific ways to sell to even the toughest customers
  • How to handle objections and close the sale
  • Where to find hidden and high-profit sales (Hint: Referrals!)
  • Break into small groups and role play (that's how we change our behavior)
  • Q&A session – Ask Margo anything!

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“Working with Margo Wickersham was nothing short of miraculous! …She is amazing! Margo’s a pro at mining the good out of business person or project to set a strategy so you can really make it successful!”

Jan Goss Gibson


Civility Consulting

“Promoting myself was not one of my strengths but Margo took the fear out of it by helping me outline a step-by-step process to take my business to the next level... her knowledge of sales and marketing, and more importantly what will get results, is spot on.”

Lynn Burdick

Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author

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